Monday, June 13, 2011

Do Cinemagraphs have a Future in Online News?

Cinemagraphs could really spice up news sites and offer a new dimension to the way we consume information online. Here is a sample I have made with cinemagraphs in The Huffington Post:

I think that the first news sites that adopt cinemagraphs in their workflow have a lot to gain in attention from readers, even though it will of course not replace still photography and not always be useful when it comes to regular news events.

The technique, both at the photo shoot as well as tools for the final production, will most likely develop the more people are producing and consuming cinemagraphs. This could be better planning and more experienced photographers, but also even better support in software like Photoshop, as well as a new and better standard for animations online, without the limitations in GIFs (like 256 colors etc).

So, what is needed for a news site to start using cinemagraphs?

- The photographers start using movie instead of still photography
- More time needed for editing
- A Cinemagraph Editor that is responsible in planning the cinemagraphs, gaining experience of the best way to produce them and leading the development

What do you think? Would you like this on your news site?

(The sample from Huffington Post is done as one single gif, so feel free to share it. The cinemagraphs in the sample is of course from the excellent Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg.)

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